A world of possibilities

This past summer, McGill Library staff members got together to participate in an exercise introduced at the 2014 E-Science Institute capstone event. Everyone was asked to come up with examples of services supporting the stages of the research lifecycle. Two brainstorming sessions were held and staff members were divided into groups on both occasions to facilitate discussions.

Although we took note of traditional and current services, the emphasis was on possible future library services supporting the research lifecycle stages: idea development, funding, proposal planning and writing, conducting and disseminating research.

Examples from the brainstorming sessions have been compiled and made available in a Google document. One of the themes throughout is the formation of partnerships with researchers and with other groups on campus, with services that aim to bring people and ideas together. There is also a focus on data management, from data collection, description, and archiving, to access and discovery, and the possibility of data management plan advising.

Please join in the discussion by sharing your ideas and comments with us.