McGill students accompanied by minor dependents

You said:

I am writing to express my dismay over an incident that occurred at the McLennan Library over the Easter Weekend.  I went to the library on Good Friday accompanied by my minor son who is 14 years old. The security guard on duty informed me that guests were not allowed and refused my child entry to the library. As a result I was unable to accomplish the work that I needed to do.


I find it troubling that a minor child accompanied by his parent who has a McGill student ID card would be denied entry into the library. I would like to suggest that the library takes measures to adequately publicize the times when children are not allowed in the library. I am simply asking for transparency and information. Being a parent and a university student is challenging. The opportunity to use the library on a public holiday should be available to all McGill students including those with minor children.


Thank you for the attention given to my letter of complaint. I look forward to your response.

We answered:

We are deeply sorry that this incident occurred. Rest assured that we are addressing this issue as a priority. All staff, students and authorized McGill personnel with identification (McGill ID or equivalent) are entitled to enter any of our libraries with their dependents. To make certain this does not happen again, we have met with McGill Security to clarify our policy and updated our procedures manual.  We are grateful that you let us know about this incident and hope that our actions have addressed your concerns.

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