BlueFire Reader: 6 smart reasons to use this app

  1. Store all your e-books and PDFs in one location and easily manage them regardless of the e-book platform. This app makes reading e-books very convenient as e-books accessible via McGill Library are protected by an embedded Adobe Digital Rights Management (DRM) component (i.e. depending on the content providers).
  2. Tab and hold on the text, to highlight, add a note, or more.
  3. Create a bookmark or customized your reader.
  4. The e-book will be returned automatically to the library when the e-book is due.
  5. Syn your e-book library on various mobile devices (up to 6 reading devices including computers).
  6. There are apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Steps involve in using this app:

a) Install BlueFire Reader from Mobile App guide.
b) Create an Adobe ID. You will be prompted to log in using your Adobe ID or sign up for one.
c) Download e-books from the McGill Library collection.

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