Can you speak Inuktitut? Do you want to learn?

Inuktitut is the language of the Inuit. It is one of the official languages for Nunavut, a part of Quebec, as well as for the Northwest Territories.

If you are interested, try these free apps (available for iphones and/or ipads through itunes), and get started in understanding and speaking Inuktitut:

AiPai Chart app iconAiPai Chart
will help you learn the sounds of the Inuktitut alphabet. The interactive chart allows you to touch a syllabic and then hear the sound.

Singuistics app iconSinguistics is a great app for anyone who wants to learn a few traditional songs from the Gwich’in, Anishinaabemowin, Cree, Chipewyan, and Inuktitut languages.  By singing the songs yourself, the app promises to help you improve your pronunciation of Inuktitut words and phrases. Once you are ready, impress your friends by using the app to record your performance and sharing it with them.

Makittagait app iconMakittagait is a game that will help you to learn and read Inuktitut.  Developed by the Kativik school board, the app is meant for a younger audience, but this one is light and fun. Learner can build up their language skills as they move from easy to difficult levels.


Inuit Unikkausiliurusingit app iconInuit Unikkausiliurusingit is another fun app for someone who already has a basic understanding of Inuktitut. It includes challenges and games such as helping to repair a broken igloo or steer a dog team through ice blocks while learning to read Inuktitut. The app was created by and beautifully illustrated and narrated by Thomassie Mangiok. The app includes original music by Montreal artist Nicolas Pirti Duplessis and throat singing by Evie Mark. This app is available for iphone and android devices.

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