What I’m up to? Access!

If I haven’t written much here lately it isn’t that I don’t have anything to say! No, I’ve just been very busy with the start of the fall semester, mostly with supporting our existing web services but also with the work we’ve been doing on a few new features that we hope to be rolling out shortly. Teaching and all the related prep is also taking up some of my time. But the biggest item on my project list at the moment is the Access 2012 conference.

Access is an annual conference focused on library systems and technologies, and this year I was lucky enough to be co-chairing this conference along with Amy Buckland. We, with a very large amount of help from our fellow organizers, have been working for most of the past year to make the conference happen. With the conference only a week and a bit away, lets just say that we are deep into the details and making sure that we’re ready to play hosts to the librarians and technology folks who will be coming to Montreal for a few days of learning, networking, and fun.

You can find more information on the conference web site. The conference is 100% sold out, but if the topic interests you, I encourage you to follow us on Twitter for an exciting announcement we’ll be making in the coming days.

I’ll share more on the conference, probably once it is over. For now, I’ve got to get back to my planning work!

Access 2012 conference

My plans for blogging here have not taken off as I had hoped, mostly because I have been very busy with projects at work and with wrapping up my coursework for the semester.

One of the other things I have been busy with is organizing the Access 2012 conference, which we’ll be hosting here in Montreal in October. Access is the major library tech conference in Canada, and hosting it is a great honour and an even bigger job!

The theme we’ve chosen for this year is Discovery, which we are hoping will cover everything from the obvious work being done by folks choosing, developing, and implementing discovery layers, to discovery in a more general sense, new ideas, phenomena, or threats discovered.

The call for proposals is in the home stretch, so if you have a discovery you would like to share, please let us know!