Award for Osler Library Prints Collection

Good news! I found out today that one of The McGill Library’s digital collections, the Osler Library Prints Collection, has been awarded the 2012 Publication Award for Best Online Resource from the Archivists and Librarians in the History of the Health Sciences (ALHHS).

From the collection’s web site:

The Osler Library Prints Collection brings together a rich variety of visual documents related to the history of medicine, spanning several centuries, countries, and artistic media. Ranging from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, the collection consists predominantly of prints, though it also includes some photographs, drawings, posters, and cartoons. Medical professionals throughout history are represented largely through portraiture, as well as through caricatures and scenes. The images in this collection, acquired from various donors at different times, are fascinating for both their historical significance and their artistic merit. Straddling the disciplines of art and science, the collection is a valuable resource on the history of medicine and the history of portraiture.

Even if you are not a historian of medicine, there is a lot of interesting material there to browse through, so please do!

Congrats to everyone who worked to make this collection a reality!