Found in the stacks: Almanaque de “Tierra y libertad”

This volume was digitized as a part of our on demand service with the request originally coming from a professor in the United States who was looking to borrow the book through our Inter Library Loans program. When the ILL staff (thanks Patrick!) noticed that it was rare and ours was the only copy in Canada they sent to us for digitization. In the end the professor was sent the catalogue link to the digital copy and we transferred the book to our Rare Books & Special Collections for safe keeping.

One of our liaison librarians, Juanita Jara de Súmar noted about the book “it was commissioned as a complement to the weekly published by an Anarchist group related to the Confederación de Trabajo, the main Communist party involved with the big Internacional Socialista in Spain that fought against Franco in later years.”

Cover page of Almanaque de "Tierra y libertad". (1912).

Cover page of Almanaque de “Tierra y libertad”. (1912).

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