New McGill Student Publications collection up at the Internet Archive

It begins!

Last winter we were able to digitize over 50 rolls of microfilm containing over 9,000 issues of the McGill Daily. Starting with their very first issue from October 2nd, 1911 we are going to be spending the summer uploading just over 9,000 issues dating to 2001 to our new Internet Archive collection of McGill Student Publications. Check back often during the summer as we’ll be uploading a few hundred issues each day.

The McGill Daily Vol. 01 No. 001: October 2, 1911

The McGill Daily Vol. 01 No. 001: October 2, 1911 was a little worse for wear when it was microfilmed but it is still searchable.

This project is part of larger project to showcase the unique material that has been published by McGill students. When we have finished all of the issues of the McGill Daily we’ll start uploading the predecessors publications that date back to 1873 from our archives including McGill (University) Gazette (1873-1890), the McGill Fortnightly (1892-1898), the McGill Outlook (1898-1907) and the (McGill) Martlet (1908-1911). We also plan on adding the already digitized McGilliad (1930-1931) and the McGill Fortnightly Review (1925-1926).

McGill Student Publications collection

McGill Student Publications collection