Back from the holidays

I don’t start work until tomorrow, but I thought I’d take care of reactivating my Twitter and Facebook accounts today. That will give me some time to take a look around, see what I’ve missed, and start getting back into the work mindset.

(I find spending a bit of time getting ready for work the day before reduces the chance I’ll be overwhelmed by everything coming at me at once, and preserves the improved perspective and motivation that I build up over my time away.)

I did enjoy my time away from social media. It wasn’t all that hard to do: the biggest adjustment was not being able to share ideas, links, photos, etc, but after a week or so I found that those habits were invoked far less often. I did find that stepping away from social media for a while and breaking my routines and habits created some space for me to reflect on how I integrate these networks into my work and personal life.

Also, and maybe more importantly, I’d have to say that not having my attention regularly pulled to social media did leave me feeling far more present than usual… and that felt good!

Social media aside, the last three weeks were great. I’m starting the new year rested, rejuvenated, and ready for whatever opportunities and challenges come my way.

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