Yukon Gold Mining in 1905

I enjoy the photographs and the landscape page orientation of this book about Yukon gold mining in 1905.

Cataloguing notes: “Published as a souvenir for the meeting of the American Institute of Mining Engineers. ’The gold in the gold pan on the cover page is from Discovery claim, Bonanza, the claim on which the gold was found that started the Klondike rush. Mr. J. Moore Elmer, manager of the property, kindly furnished the gold for this purpose’–P. [1].”

The Klondike (Book)
The Klondike (eBook)

Front cover of "The Klondike"

Front cover of “The Klondike”

Page 9 of "The Klondike"

Page 9 of “The Klondike”

Page 4 of "The Klondike"

Page 4 of “The Klondike”