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Rosalynde Stearn Puppet Collection

Some of the richest aspects of this extraordinary collection include Punch and Judy, the Commedia dell’ arte and shadow puppets from South Asia. These and late nineteenth and early twentieth-century French puppets and puppets made by Stearn herself for the Aristophanes play “The Clouds” are featured in this exhibition. From French marionettes of the eighteenth century to Canadian puppets of the twentieth, this exhibition brings before the public for the first time in many years, one of the most unusual of McGill treasures. The collection was formed by the Canadian puppeteer Rosalynde Osborne Stearn to be a comprehensive library on the puppet theatre with representative examples of puppets characteristic of different periods and countries.

This exhibition was curated by Richard Virr (Head of Rare Books and Special Collections and curator of manuscripts, McGill University) and Donald Hogan (Conservation specialist).

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