Trial: Arab e-Marefa (EBSCO)

Hi friends!

We have a trial with Arab e-Marefa (EBSCO) for the following 30 days.

This is a new database that includes “Arab e-Marefa is the leading Arabic language research database providing full text for 950 academic journals and statistical reports issued by various bodies in the Arabic world including universities, research centers, public statistical departments, central banks, scientific associations and regional organizations. The database provides international standard bibliographic records for almost 70,000 articles plus the access to these articles. Additional content includes thousands of dissertations and over 7,000 book reviews.”

Please take a look at this resource and consider its value to the research you and your students conduct. Is it easy to navigate? Can you find sought after materials?

Any and all feedback is welcome!

Oxford Research trial

The Library is trialing OxResearch from today to Feb. 15 2013.

OxResearch database provides succinct analytical articles covering world and regional economic and political developments of major significance. It evaluates issues and events within a coherent political, social and economic framework. Additionally, it contains objective, multi-disciplinary articles compiled by an extensive international network of over 1,000 faculty members at Oxford and other leading universities around the world, as well as think-tanks and institutes of international standing.

You can access it using the following web address:

Try it and let us know what you think!


Trial: Western Travellers in the Islamic World (Brill)

Hi friends!

We currently have a trial for Western Travellers in the Islamic World (Brill), a new online database. This database maintains: “Accounts of travel are a popular and accessible source for research on historical relations between “East” and “West” and are attractive for specialists and non-specialists alike. In the pre-modern period a large number of such accounts were published all over Europe, and almost without exception these volumes are now scarce and priceless. Some were republished later in modern editions (like those in the Hakluyt series), but these are often out of print at present.”


Subscription details:

Site address:

Product:         Western Travellers in the Islamic World Online

Subscription id: 22284

Start date:      14 Jan 2013

End date:        12 Feb 2013

Any and all feedback is welcomed and appreciated.



al Manhal

Hi friends!

We currently have a trial with al Manhal, an eresource from Dubai. Al Manhal provides access to ebooks, journals and dissertations amongst other sources of information. These resources are mainly from the Arab world and predominantly in Arabic.

Access the trial here.

Take the time to explore and let us know your thoughts!

Al Manhal trial will last from 21 Oct-21 Nov, 2012.

Trial: MultiDataOnline

Hi friends!

We are currently trialing MutiDataOnline : This resource is in fact four databases covering: one for general news (indexes 52 dailies and weeklies); another for specialized periodicals (covering 225 periodicals); a third database for book reviews; and a fourth database entitled Index Arabicus.

Username: mcgill

Password: accessmcgill

Expiry date: October 13, 2012 (end of day)

Let us know what you think!

AskZad trial

McGill Library is currently trialling AskZad, the largest Arabic digital library that offers an extensive referential, cultural and academic database.
It includes more than 24,000 e-books, more than 7,000 dissertations from elite universities across the Middle East, more than 9,000 peer reviewed articles, Academic Journals Index of more than 650 Journals, as well as news Index of more than 1200 Newspapers, Magazines and News Websites.

Check it out and give us feedback!

South and Southeast Asian Literature database trial

McGill Library is currently trialling South and Southeast Asian Literature from Alexander Street Press, which is a constantly growing collection of fictions, short fictions, poems, interviews, and manuscript materials written in English by writers in South and Southeast Asia and their Diasporas.

The collection comprises literature written originally in English by writers who either were born in or identify themselves culturally with India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Fiji. Because the South and Southeast Asian Diasporas are so widely cast, the collection also includes the work of writers living or working in Africa, the United Kingdom, North America, and the Caribbean. The collection will focus upon literature written during the late-colonial and postcolonial eras, but it will also include earlier work that is essential to scholarship in this area.

Check it out here, and let us know what you think!

BBC Monitoring Library

McGill Library is currently trialling BBC Monitoring Library, which is a fully searchable digital current affairs resource from the BBC. Its news coverage reports from radio, television, news agencies, press and the Web, providing a distinctive international news and information service from open sources. BBC Monitoring reports news from state owned, independent and clandestine media sources in over 150 countries, in more than 100 languages. News is translated in to English without additional analysis or editorial comment to ensure impartiality.

Check it out, and let us know what you think!