New books in management and business at HSSL!

I’ve updated the list of new management and business titles to include the almost 50 new books that were added to our collection over the month of October.

New Books in Management and Business

I’ve also included a list of the new titles below.

If there are any titles that we don’t have at the Library and that should be part of our collection, please feel free to send us your suggestions!

New Titles – Management and Business – October 2017

Lindemann, M., & In Poley, J. (2017). Money in the German-speaking lands.

Alsweilem, K., & Rietveld, M. (2018). Sovereign wealth funds in resource economies: Institutional and fiscal foundations.

Warburton, C. E. S. (2018). The development of international monetary policy.

Rishi, B., & Bandyopadhyay, S. (2017). Contemporary Issues in Social Media Marketing.

In Rossi, A. M., In Meurs, J. A., & In Perrewe, P. L. (2017). Stress and quality of working life: Conceptualizing and assessing stress.

Sikdar, P. (2017). Practitioner’s guide to business impact analysis.

Bhimani, A. (2017). Financial management for technology start-ups: A handbook for growth.

Kermode, J. (2018). Employees in the workplace: A guide for employers.

Mogavero, D. (2017). The underground culinary tour: How the new metrics of today’s top restaurants are transforming how America eats.

Julmi, C. (2017). Situations and atmospheres in organizations: A (new) phenomenology of being-in-the-organization.

MOSES, J. O. N. A. T. H. O. N. (2017). EUROBONDAGE: The political costs of monetary union in europe. S.l.: ECPR PRESS.

Smith, M. (2017). Research methods in accounting.

HBR guide to performance management. (2017).

Dewe, P., & Cooper, C. L. (2017). Work stress and coping: Forces of change and challenges.

Bank, M. C. (2017). Building power from below: Chilean workers take on Walmart.

HBR guide to emotional intelligence. (2017).

Dunstan, A., & Osborne, I. (2017). The people business: How ten leaders drive engagement through internal communications.

Fowler, W. M. (2017). Steam titans: Cunard, Collins, and the epic battle for commerce on the North Atlantic.

GALLOP, A. L. A. N. (2017). SIX FOR THE TOLPUDDLE MARTYRS: The epic struggle for justice and freedom. Place of publication not identified: PEN & SWORD.

Dundon, T., Cullinane, N., & Wilkinson, A. (2017). A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about employment relations.

Liu, H. (2018). Chinese business: Landscapes and strategies.

Davis, J. C. (2017). From head shops to whole foods: The rise and fall of activist entrepreneurs.

Usunier, J.-C., Herk, H. ., & Lee, J. A. (2017). International & cross-cultural business research.


Stone, B. (2017). The upstarts: How Uber, Airbnb, and the killer companies of the new Silicon Valley are changing the world.

Stegmaier, J. (2015). A crowdfunder’s strategy guide: Build a better business by building community.

Ronen, S., & Shenkar, O. (2017). Navigating global business: A cultural compass.

Kennedy, M. (2017). Shapeholders: Business success in the age of activism.

Mahadevan, J. (2017). A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about cross-cultural management.

Sinclair, A. (2016). Leading mindfully: How to focus on what matters, influence for good, and enjoy leadership more. Sydney: Allen & Unwin.

Dawson, J. (2017). Analysing quantitative survey data for business and management students.

In Utting, P., Laville, J.-L., & United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. (2015). Social and solidarity economy: Beyond the fringe.

Geerlings, H., Kuipers, B., & Zuidwijk, R. (2018). Ports and Networks: Strategies, operations and perspectives. Abingdon: Taylor and Francis.

Corsi, P. (2017). Going past limits to growth: A report to the club of Rome EU-chapter.

Capriati, M. (2017). Capabilities, Innovation and Economic Growth: Policymaking for Freedom and Efficiency.

Lauer, J. (2017). Creditworthy: A history of consumer surveillance and financial identity in America.

Young, R. R., Gordon, G. A., & Plant, J. F. (2017). Railway security: Protecting against manmade and natural disasters.

In Tickamyer, A. R., In Sherman, J., & In Warlick, J. L. (2017). Rural poverty in the United States.

Holiday, R. (2017). Perennial seller: The art of making and marketing work that lasts.

Iannuzzi, A. (2018). Greener products: The making and marketing of sustainable brands.

Ryan-Collins, J., Lloyd, T., MacFarlane, L., Muellbauer, J., & New Economics Foundation,. (2017). Rethinking the economics of land and housing.

Campbell, G. M. (2017). Succeeding with senior management: Getting the right support at the right time for your project.

Rosenberg, M. (2017). Strategy and geopolitics: Understanding global complexity in a turbulent world.

Craig, J. B., & Moores, K. (2017). Leading a Family Business. Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, LLC.

Busby, N. (2017). The shape of change: A guide to planning, implementing and embedding organisational change.

In Seidel, M.-D., & In Greve, H. R. (2017). Emergence.

In Furusten, S., & In Werr, A. (2016). The organization of the expert society.