Come to the Touch Table and take a look at the Window of Shanghai

Montreal and Shanghai became sister cities in 1985 and have engaged in multiple cultural exchanges throughout the years. Mayors of Montreal and Shanghai have visited each other’s city many times during the past 33 years.

The Shanghai Library Delegation headed by Mr. Deming Chen, Vice Director of Shanghai Library, visited McGill University Library on October 26, 2006, and “Open the Window” Ceremony was held. Since then, the co-operative project “Window of Shanghai” at McGill University Library has been carried out till today.

East year we receive gift books from Shanghai library which include many subjects, such as arts, literature, history, Chinese language and culture. Such books are especially useful for students who want to read books in Chinese and publications about China to enhance their Chinese language proficiency or to learn more about Chinese culture.

We are currently launching the “Window of Shanghai” exhibit on the Touch Table in the Redpath Library. On the home page, you’ll see four “windows”.

For example, by clicking on the first window, you’ll find some titles of our newly received books. And by selecting a title, you’ll get the record of the book and its call number.

The 2nd window is for e-books and the 3rd is for e-newspapers which you’ll be able to read online. The last window is about the past events since the establishment of the “Window of Shanghai” since 2006.

Please come to check it out, and send us some feedback if you’d like to make some comments or suggestions.

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