Guest Post: Don’t Be That Guy

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It’s March, and paper season has officially arrived, so here’s a piece of advice for Arts students. Don’t be that guy.

You know the one I mean: the one awake at 3:00 AM the night before the paper’s due, stuck on page 4 and out of ideas, taking frequent breaks to scroll through a Facebook feed that never refreshes because everyone else has already gone to bed.

Poor guy. He probably could have avoided the late night if he’d just been more on top of his research. If he’d chosen a manageable topic and developed a smart search strategy. If he’d used the library website to identify relevant, current scholarly sources in his subject area. If he’d learned about the citation management software for creating a bibliography.

Luckily, McGill’s Humanities and Social Sciences Library can help you avoid becoming that guy. The two-module MyArts Research: Library Skills for Success workshops, being offered March 11 and 12, will help you develop your research skills and show you the many library resources and tools you can use to do your research more effectively.

In Module 1: How to Search, you’ll learn how to choose and shape a research topic, how to develop a search strategy and find the best sources in a variety of formats, and learn some of the features of the Library website and catalogue. In Module 2: How to Manage it All, you’ll explore subject-specific databases and get a crash course in using EndNote citation management software.

USB Bracelet

Yes, it’s a McGill Library bracelet. But it’s also a USB key! 

Plus, an added bonus: students who attend both workshop modules will receive the world’s greatest fashion accessory, a 2GB McGill Library USB key that also happens to be a bracelet.

Register now for one or both modules – and never be that guy again!


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