Meet Your Winter 2023 HSSL Liaison Librarians!

With the beginning of the Winter 2023 semester, one building on campus has started to fill up again; the Humanities and Social Sciences Library! The incredible staff has worked hard to make the library a welcoming and community-minded space for all of McGill. As the semester has started to pick up in pace, schoolwork has begun to pile up and completing assignments can be overwhelming. The HSSL Liaison Librarians are here to help!

Liaison Librarians serve the entirety of the McGill community. Each with their own Subject Guides for your specific field of study, Liaison Librarians help you find the best databases for your assignments, projects, and papers.

An extensive list of the HSSL Library staff, including your Library Liaisons, can be found here. This semester, there are 11 Liaison Librarians serving the McGill community. Figuring out which one to contact for your field can be difficult, but it doesn’t need to be!

Here are this semester’s Liaison Librarians, all ready to help you with any questions you may have:

Tatiana Bedjanian

Tatiana is our Liaison Librarian for Russian Studies, German Language & Literature, Linguistics, the School of Continuing Studies’ Intensive English Program, and the Writing Centre.

email | 514-398-7383

Eamon Duffy

Eamon is our Liaison Librarian for Government Information.

email | 514-398-4697

David Greene

David is our Liaison Librarian for the Department of Art History & Communication Studies, the School of Architecture, and the School of Urban Planning.

email | 514-398-5925

Kristen Howard

Kristen is our Liaison Librarian for History and Classical Studies, Indigenous Studies, and the School of Religious Studies.

email | 514-398-5500

Marcela Y. Isuster

Marcela is our Liaison Librarian for Hispanic Studies, Information Studies, and Kinesiology & Physical Education.

email | 514-398-4729

Dawn McKinnon

Dawn is our Liaison Librarian for Management and Business.

email | 514-398-5499

Michael David Miller

Michael David is our Liaison Librarian for French Literature, Economics, International Development, Public Policy, Political Science, Quebec Studies, Translation Studies, and Women’s, Feminist, Gender & LGBTQ+ Studies.

email | 514-398-7440

Sharon Rankin

Sharon is our Liaison Librarian for Children’s & Young Adult Literature, Education, Post-Secondary Education, Maps, Teacher Education, and Teaching & Learning Services.

email | 514-398-6657

Nikki Tummon

Nikki is our Liaison Librarian for Social Work, Anthropology, and Sociology.

email | 514-398-5727

Lonnie Weatherby

Lonnie is our Liaison Librarian for English, American & Canadian Literatures, Film & Cultural Studies, Italian Studies, Philosophy, and Reference Collection.

email | 514-398-5031

Amanda Wheatley

Amanda is our Liaison Librarian for Management, Business, and Entrepreneurship.

email | 514-398-3921