Unboxing: HSSL’s Board Game Collection

Looking for a much-needed cozy night in with friends, but you’re all out of Netflix streaming options? Then this is the perfect time to reignite your competitive spirits; it’s time for a board game night! Beware though; these are known to break friendships, and bones too *gasp*. 

But what if I don’t have many board games, or what if they’re missing pieces? You may ask. If only there were someplace you could go to borrow these games…

The McGill Library has its very own collection of board games and they’re available for loan to all students! 

It’s very easy to search for them too. Simply log into your McGill Library account using your credentials and narrow your search results by selecting ‘Game’ under the Format tab on the left of the webpage. 

Listed here are some of our many titles to get you browsing:

All these games are available for two-week loans at the service desk in the McLennan-Redpath Library Building. Just bring the call number to a staff member, and they shall collect it for you.

We only request that you handle these with care so that more students can enjoy them in the future!

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