New Interactive Signage at HSSL!

This fall, when new students arrive at the Humanities and Social Sciences Library for the first time, they will be greeted by new interactive signage made possible by the Arts Undergraduate Society (AUS). This new system will help them get from A to B more quickly and to feel right at home in Library spaces.

The project includes wayfinding for 40+ locations across the McLennan-Redpath Complex. Also included is integrated Waitz data for each floor, letting users know the busyness of study spaces in advancecall number ranges by floor, isometric-designed floorplans; and quick navigation to washrooms, copiers, the service desk, and cafeteria.

Thank you, AUS, for improving the student experience and for your continued support of the Library!

Bidding Welcome to A New Member of the HSSL Community

Getting to Know Dr. Kristen Howard

As we look outside the McLennan and Redpath windows, campus is buzzing with excitement as our newly-graduated students take a step into their future (congratulations to them!). But have you wondered what is going on the other side of these windows? Why we have welcomed a new member into our Humanities and Social Studies Library (HSSL) Community! 

We are pleased to present Dr. Kristen Howard, a recent McGill graduate who will be taking up the position as Liaison Librarian for History and Classical Studies, and Government Information at HSSL. 

During her Masters in Information Sciences at McGill, Kristen did a practicum at the Jewish Public Library where she curated the Lilly Toth Miniature Book Collection. This became one of her most prized projects. 

Kristen is not only a historian, and a newly-crowned Liaison Librarian, but she is also an avid knitter! Previously, she collaborated with the McGill Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections to helm a number of workshops, such as Rare Stitches: Knitting Inspired by Illuminated Manuscripts and Knitting in Code with Kristen Howard. She speaks of the workshops as:

“… fun ways to use our library resources. I’m really interested in creative uses of Rare Books and Special Collections. Not everyone may have studied the Classics or Latin, but you can still appreciate the beauty of a Latin manuscript, even if you can’t read it. These workshops were a way to bring people who might never use a Latin manuscript because they can’t read it, and show them how beautiful it is, that it can inspire something”.

During that deep time in the pandemic when everyone shied away from reading apocalyptic literature, Kristen discovered one of her favourite book collections; the Lady Astronaut Series. It eloquently puts forth an alternate account of how we might have done space travel in the 1950s if women had received equal opportunities within the industry. 

As a newly-admitted member of the HSSL community Kristen looks forward to working in collaboration with the faculty and students. 

Please join us in welcoming Kristen to our library, we are excited to get to know her more! For questions related to classical studies, government documents, and history, feel free to reach out to for help. 

Bidding Farewell to Macy Zheng

Picture of Macy Zheng in front of the CJK collection.

This February we bid farewell to an important member of our team, Ms. Macy Zheng. Macy has left us after 20 years of wonderful work as the Liaison Librarian for East Asian Studies (EAS). Though we are sad to see Macy go, we wish her well in her retirement! Macy first joined the McGill Library in 2001 and over the years has been responsible for EAS and the development of the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean (CJK) Collection. We will miss her dearly!

Access to EAS resources remains available through Macy’s extensive East Asian Studies Subject Guide, which includes print and electronic resources for Chinese studies, Japanese Studies and Korean Studies. 

The physical CJK Collection, can be accessed in the Basement of the Redpath Library Building, in the area marked pink on the map below. 


Alternatively, you may direct all general inquiries and specific questions related to your research or interest in East Asian Studies to the Humanities and Social Studies Library (HSSL) through email.