Virtual Reality and 3D Printing services in Full Swing at McLennan-Redpath

Access to some of the newest and most innovative technology is now within reach for all McGill students and faculty with the re-opening of the McGill Research Commons 3D printing lab and VR space. Equipped with 3D printers, an HTC vive, and an Oculus Rift development kit, McGillians will be able to explore and experiment with the digital world in not just two but three dimensions – all for free – with this cutting-edge service.

After undergoing a brief training session which can be booked here, students and faculty will be able to book time on the 3D printers to use for projects, course work, or simply to experiment. For those less experienced with such technology but who still want to dive in, student staff will be available for assistance weekdays from 12:30 – 5:00PM. Use of the virtual reality equipment does not require a training session, but note that it can be booked only during student hours. Equipment can be booked using the library’s booking system, found here.

Please send us an email with any inquiries you may have!

Tranquility Zone: New Library Space

Thanks to the support of the Arts Undergraduate Improvement Fund, we have created a new welcoming reading/relaxing nook on the 6th floor of the McLennan Library building.

This Tranquility Zone was designed with our users in mind. The space is not only conducive for learning and relaxation, but is also, a zone that is different from  conventional study space.

On your next visit to the Library, come and stay awhile. Try the Zen garden and absorb some tranquility.

New pocket dictionaries on 2-day loan at HSSL

Although the Library has an extensive collection of online dictionaries, we know that some people prefer to have a print dictionary next to them while they work. To help with that, we’ve have added a number of dictionaries (see the list below) that you can take out on 2-day loan.

You’ll find the dictionaries in the course reserves room, just to the left and behind the service desk in HSSL. Check them out!

Note: If you plan on using a dictionary in an exam, please check with your instructor to see if they are permitted and if so, what kinds are allowed.


Pocket dictionaries available (HSSL Self-Serve Reference Room, 2-day reserve loan)

Allemand-Français / Français-Allemand
Anglais-Français / Français-Anglais
Chinois-Français / Français-Chinois
Espagnol-Français / Français-Espagnol
Italien-Français / Français-Italien
Japonais-Français / Français-Japonais
Latin-Français / Français-Latin
Russe-Français / Français-Russe


Chinese-English / English-Chinese
Classical Greek-English / English-Classical Greek
French-English / English-French
German-English / English-German
Greek-English / English-Greek
Italian-English / Italian-English
Japanese-English / English-Japanese
Latin-English / English-Latin
Russian-English / English-Russian
Spanish-English / English-Spanish