New books in management and business at HSSL!

I’ve updated the list of new management and business titles to include the 40 or so new books that came into the Library over the month of August.

New Books in Management and Business

I’ve also included a list of the new titles below.

If there are any titles that we don’t have at the Library and that should be part of our collection, please feel free to send us your suggestions!

New Titles – Management and Business – August 2017

Ross, P. K., Ressia, S., & Sander, E. J. (2017). Work in the 21st century: How do i log on?.

Mills, J. (2017). Britain’s achilles heel: Our uncompetitive pound.

In Alexander, D., In Adamo, S., In Di, P. R., & In Fasiello, R. (2017). The history and tradition of accounting in Italy.

Mintzberg, H. (2017). Managing the myths of health care: Bridging the separations between care, cure, control, and community.

Merchant, B. (2017). The one device: The secret history of the iPhone.

Young, D. R. (2017). Financing nonprofits and other social enterprises: A benefits approach.

Essex, A. (2017). The end of advertising: Why it had to die, and the creative resurrection to come.

Pettifor, A. (2017). The production of money: How to break the power of bankers.

Barnes, C., Blake, H., & Howard, T. (2017). Selling your value proposition: How to transform your business into a selling organization.

East, R., Singh, J., Wright, M., & Vanhuele, M. (2017). Consumer behaviour: Applications in marketing.

Pope, K. (2017). Understanding planned obsolescence: Unsustainability through production, consumption and waste generation.

Rimscha, B. ., Grubenmann, S., & Siegert, G. (2017). Commercial Communication in the Digital Age: Information or Disinformation?.

Lewis, J. D. (2017). Brand vs. wild: Building resilient brands for harsh business environments.

In Huzzard, T., In Benner, M., & In Kärreman, D. (2017). The corporatization of the business school: Minerva meets the market.

Park, T. K., & Greenberg, J. B. (2017). The roots of Western finance: Power, ethics, and social capital in the ancient world.

Moraglio, M., & O’Loughlin, E. (2017). Driving modernity: Technology, experts, politics, and fascist motorways, 1922 – 1943.

In Hilson, M., In Neunsinger, S., & In Vyff, I. (2017). Labour, unions and politics under the North Star: The Nordic countries, 1700-2000.

Milner, S. (2015). Comparative employment relations: France, Germany and Britain.

Wartzman, R. (2017). The end of loyalty: The rise and fall of good jobs in America.

In Bamber, G., In Lansbury, R. D., In Wailes, N., & In Wright, C. F. (2016). International and comparative employment relations: National regulation, global changes.

Delaney, D. S. (2017). Tower dog: Life inside the deadliest job in America.

Belasen, A. T. (2017). Women in management: A framework for sustainable work-life integration.

Murphy, P. (2016). Auto-industrialism. Place of publication not identified: Sage Publications.

Hirsch, D., & Valadez, M. L. J. (2017). The living wage.

Stone, K. (2017). Labour in the 21st Century. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Bartlett, J. (2017). The essentials of managing risk for projects and programmes.

Hornby, R. (2017). Commercial project management: A guide for selling and delivering professional services.

Pojasek, R. B. (2017). Organizational risk management and sustainability: A practical step-by-step guide.

In Aydın, B. O., & In Şahin, E. (2017). Research methods and techniques in public relations and advertising.

In Gudić, M., In Tan, T. K., & In Flynn, P. M. (2017). Beyond the bottom line: Integrating sustainability into business and management practice.

Burke, W. W. (2018). Organization change: Theory and practice.

Hodges, J. (2017). Consultancy, organizational development and change: A practical guide to delivering value.

Tjan, A. K. (2017). Good people: The only leadership decision that really matters.

Puccio, G. J., Cabra, J. F., & Schwagler, N. (2018). Organizational creativity: A practical guide for innovators & entrepreneurs.

Regier, N. (2017). Conflict without casualties: A field guide for leading with compassionate accountability.

Robertson, D. C., & Lineback, K. (2017). The power of little ideas: A third way to innovate for market success.

Cowan, D. (2017). Strategic internal communication: How to build employee engagement and performance.

Sarkar, S. (2017). The supply chain revolution: Innovative sourcing and logistics for a fiercely competitive world.

Brockner, J. (2016). The process matters: Engaging and equipping people for success.

Smith, J. (2017). The United Kingdon’s journeys into and out of the European Union: Destinations unknown.

Imai, K. (2017). Quantitative social science: An introduction.

In Baur, R., In Baur, V., Ferguson, H., Attac., & Civic city. (2017). Our world to change!.

Berners, P. (2017). The practical guide to organising events.

Teitelbaum, M. S. (2014). Falling behind?: Boom, bust, and the global race for scientific talent.

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