Found in the stacks


This notice was discovered recently in a book in the McLennan stacks.  No need to worry, these days if you lose or damage a library item we won’t send you to jail.  With a collection that dates back to 1855, there are all kinds of treasures to be found both in our collection and inside the books themselves.  If you come across something that you want to share, send a picture to and it might be used in a future blog post.

Better late than never

You might think that that the Humanities and Social Sciences Library of McGill missed the blogging boat.

I prefer the term, fashionably late.

So why launch a blog now?

Increasingly –you, our community of faculty and students—use the library’s online collections and services, making it ever more challenging to have the conversations that in years past informed our decision making and evolution.

And yet, we have an even greater need than ever for these interactions, to ensure that we continue to evolve in ways that support for your teaching, learning, and research as we undergo rapid change from both new technologies and budgetary realities.

HSSL’s new blog might be late to the party; however, I hope you will embrace it as a way to interact with your library and strengthen your relationship with the people that work there.

I started a new position on May 1st, Head Librarian of the Humanities and Social Sciences Library.  Please reach out to me – either in person, online, or as a comment on this blog- to get the conversation started.