Your Favourite Safe Services are Back!

It’s that time of year again, where we are staying later and later at the library. Hang in there, brighter days are ahead! After dark, SSMU provides two services to help you get home safe: DriveSafe and WalkSafe!


Next week starting Wednesday, April 13th, there will be a table in the library for you to access the service, or you can always call the number (514) 398-8040! Also if you’re seeing this before then, their services are available on weekends as well if you’re planning to hit the town. To stay updated with hours and operations check out their Instagram, Facebook or Website.

The exam period boundaries are restricted to:

East-West: Autoroute 15 to Papineau

North-South: Rue Jean-Talon to Verdun

If passengers would like to be dropped off outside of this designated area, they will drop them at a bus stop, metro, or train station near the edge of the boundary.

Also some key information:

  • If its an emergency, don’t wait for DriveSafe, call 911!
  • Opened alcohol is not permitted at anytime in a DriveSafe van.
  • Volunteers have total and absolute discretion as to who to allow into their van and where to go.
  • It is service aimed at bringing students home safely, not a taxi service for transporting you from place to place!

A HUGE thank you to all the volunteers who give their time to make their peers safer and happier.


If you live closer by and would like some company on your walk home, WalkSafe is the perfect resource. Just call  (514) 398-2498. They operate from:

9pm-midnight Sunday-Thursday

9pm-3am Friday and Saturday

Also you can check out their FAQ page if you have any questions.

As always, if there’s an emergency call 9-1-1 or if you’re on campus, McGill Security can give you a hand just call  (514)398-3000 for downtown campus and  514) 398-7777 for Mac Campus.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves during the busy season. You are almost done!!

P.S. If you need a pick me up during finals check out our PetGrams as well!

If you have any questions email or directly contact WalkSafe and DriveSafe.

How to Get Away with Free Movies

Netflix subscriptions go up every month, HBO is so randomly expensive, and movie theatre tickets are now $15?!? If you’re a student on a budget, or simply want to use the library’s resources for some free movie watching, this is the place to learn more.


Streaming Services

There are so many audio-visual resources available to you through the the McGill Library collection. You can learn all about them on this subject guide.

This includes access to seven different platforms filled with awesome content for you to take a little break from your academic reading. If you’re having trouble with accessing them, or want to learn more, check out the McGill Films 101 blog post which goes into the specifics of each platform and how it can be accessed.

You can also check out the Health and Wellness guide for some staff favourite Youtube channels and podcasts. While not technically free movies, they are resources for you to stream free entertainment while you’re on your lunch break or relaxing before bed!


Do you remember redbox?! If want a similar experience and you’re a little more old-school, we have 15,000 DVD is our collection for you! There are some big blockbuster names like The Martian, Joker, or even The Terminator for you to choose from and find your next movie night pick.

There’s also some awesome Blu-ray picks, which bring you the best quality and sometimes bonus content! A few of our picks are Moonrise Kingdom, Bladerunner 2049, and the 50th anniversary of the 1961 version of the West Side Story!

If none of these picks are up your alley, you can always go into the advanced search button of the catalogue, choose keywords and type in a few, and then select DVD as the format in the bottom drop-down menu. For “romance” “comedy”, 163 results popped up, a mixed of old and new!

Hope this has been a helpful guide through the ways you find free movies in whichever format you prefer! There are so many options when looking for ways to destress; take advantage of the free library resources you have access to! Happy watching 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to email

Slip and Slide Workshop Coming Soon!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

We are so excited to announce a new workshop coming to HSSL: The History of the Slip and Slide ™ 

The event will be lead by Liaison Librarian for Architecture, David Greene, and the Liaison Librarian for Chemistry, Math, and Physics, April Colosimo, who is also an expert in patents. The workshop will feature the history of patents, as well as how the slip and slide came to be. With many rare slip and slides in our ROARr collection, we are excited to draw on the existing materials for inspiration.

Slip and Slides were trademarked by the endearing Robert Carrier, who patented the idea in 1961. Come register to learn more about the evolution of the iconic summertime activity. In the meantime, you can check the article by the Smithsonian Magazine. 

With summer months around the corner, this workshop on April 35th, will be a perfect way to celebrate the sunshine.  


Additionally, we will be hosting the first ever HSSL Slip and Slide on Lower Field on April 36th from 2AM-4AM! Come with friends, a bathing suit and get ready to partake in the beautiful practice of slip and slide. The purpose will be to dissect the mechanics and architecture of what goes into a good “aquatic play equipment.” Each hour we will make an improvement based on the group’s consensus to learn some of the practical skills of building such equipment for outdoor play.  

Destress after a semester of school, spend time with library staff, and make the most out of our workshops. Registration opens soon so be on the lookout.  

We hope you join us on a sunny afternoon as we find out what makes the best slip and slide.