Sanitizing Style: A last chance to come visit!!

Our “Sanitizing Style” exhibition has been on display in the Osler Library since the beginning of September and will be be removed in the month of January, leaving just a few more days to come and see this fascinating exhibition. Sanitizing Style: Germ Theory and Fashion at the Turn of the Century explores the legitimacy that that the germ theory of disease lent to the late-nineteenth century movement to reform women’s dress. The exhibition brings together books, artifacts, images and clothing gathered from all around McGill University. Here are some examples of the material we have on show:



This exhibition is guest curated by Cynthia Tang, a PhD student in the History Department at McGill, and co-curated by Anna Dysert, Assistant Librarian at the Osler Library, with Catherine Bradley, Head of Wardrobe in the Theatre and Drama Program of McGill’s Department of English. The exhibition is accessible Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Whether interested in history, fashion, immunology or even math, come and enjoy this exhibition before it goes!