We’re moving!

Image depicts a charlatan selling his wares to a crowd. The moustachioed charlatan is well-dressed, wearing a tophat, blue jacket and red tie. He gestures with one hand while the other rests on the head of a miserable-looking patient, a soldier whose open mouth suggests he is suffering from toothache. In the back of the carriage sits a woman holding a drum.

A charlatan speaking to a crowd. Donation of Mr. William H. Helfand. The Osler Library Prints Collection. Image # OPF001044.

De re medica is moving and we promise our wares will continue to be true, reliable, and good to the taste!

In 2016, the McGill Library united four rare and special collections under one umbrella—Rare Books & Special Collections, Osler Library of the History of Medicine, Visual Arts Collection, and McGill University Archives, now known as ROAAr. Its mission is to create moments of discovery with extraordinary collections.

Moving forward, we will continue to post great content for you to enjoy – just in a different location alongside our colleagues from the other units. All four units will be posting on the Library Matters blog so be sure to follow us there!


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