Bring a Child to Work Day at Osler

And continuing with our recent theme of special visitors to the library, we had some real VIPs last Friday.

In the Osler Room

We hosted an event here for McGill’s campus-wide Bring a Child to Work Day. The first part was a tour of the Osler Room and a peek at some of its treasures, including a 19th century surgeon’s kit and a couple very precious scientific and medical books.


Next, our visitors took on an accelerated training program in medieval medicine, complete with urinalysis and patient case histories.

BYCTWD7BYCTWD6Analyzing the "urine" of a very ill patientUsing a urine wheelBYCTWD8
Here are some of our graduates for the degree “Magister medicinae medievalis.” Look one of them up the next time your humors are acting up!



Photos: Lily Martin and Sabrina Hanna


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