Garrison-Morton 5th ed. now freely available as database

A very important resource for the history of medicine, Morton’s Medical Bibliography (also known as “Garrison-Morton”), is now available as a database at Garrison-Morton is a standard reference work for the history of medicine, biology, and dentistry, originally composed of a bibliography of classic works of medicine by the American historian and librarian of medicine Fielding H. Garrison (1870-1935) in 1933.

The bibliography was expanded and revised through four editions by British historian of medicine Leslie T. Morton. Jeremy M. Norman further revised and expanded the work in its fifth edition, published in 1991. The fifth edition contains nearly 9,000 entries, most of which are annotated. The new revised web version is based on the fifth edition and incorporates interactive features and other enhancements to significantly improve usability.GarrisonMortonDB

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