Spring events at the Osler Library

Two upcoming talks organized by the Osler Library to put on your calendar now!


First, on Thursday afternoon, May 2nd, Dr. Frank Stahnisch, Nickerson Fellow in Neuro History, will present a talk on “’Neurological Laboratories’ to Interdisciplinary ‘Centres of Brain Research’: Otfrid Foerster, Wilder Penfield, and Early Neuroscience in Breslau and Montreal. 2-3pm in the Department of Social Studies of Medicine, Don Bates Seminar Room 101.


Then on Tuesday, May 7th, Prof. Annmarie Adams, curator of our current exhibit entitled “Designing Doctors” will give a talk. 1-2 pm, Meakins Auditorium (McIntyre Medical Building, 5th floor).


Please join us!


Have a look at our Exhibits and lectures page for these and past events (including online exhibitions and recorded


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