Restoration Continues Apace

Dozens of representatives from all trades and occupations in the construction industry are making great progress with the restoration of the Macdonald-Stewart Library Building, home of the Schulich Library. All demolition work is finished and only construction phases remain.  The work has unveiled many missed and forgotten windows, promising naturally brightened floors. New finishes and increased washrooms will ease your long hours of study.

To shed some light on how this is shaping up, here is a before photo of our very popular group study, 5th floor. Large swaths of floorspace had been closed off with the false walls that covered up our unique windows.

A very full Schulich 5th floor, with temporary walls blocking the windows.

Here is a similar, panned-out view of that section, windows shining through.  Women’s needs were woefully underserved in our building, and this floor will also include a large women’s washroom of ten stalls, as well as two individual, gender-neutral washrooms.

Schulich 5th floor, windows uncovered. Things are looking brighter!

For more information on the renovation project, please see the project page