Calendar of Science

Would you like a scientific blast from the past?  The Pacific Science Center in Seattle posts a monthly list of scientific facts for each day of the month called the Calendar of Science.  On this day, 124 years ago, Vladimir Zworykin was born.  He was the engineer “who invented the type of cathode-ray picture tube used in TV sets [and] computer monitors.” Check out the Calendar of Science to find out what happened on tomorrow’s date.

McGill Engineering Research Showcase (MERS)

The Faculty of Engineering’s Research and Graduate Education Office will host the first annual McGill Engineering Research Showcase (MERS) on Friday, October 18th, from 3pm to 6pm, in the McConnell Engineering Building lobby. This time MEDA scholars (3rd year plus only), Tri-Council or provincial Masters Award recipients (2nd year only), and Mitacs Masters students (2nd year only) are called to present research posters during the event.

Come, see and learn more about research across all engineering disciplines!!!!!!!!!

SURE and SURE Poster Presentation Fair

McGill Engineering Faculty has a special program, called Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering, which pairs registered students with McGill scientists and researchers. The admitted students will have a chance to work on a research project under a supervisor during the summer and get a feeling of “research” while earning some income. Click here to learn more about this program.

On Thursday, August 15, 2013 between 1 and 4pm, there will be this year’s SURE Poster Presentation Fair in the Trottier Engineering Building (Cafeteria level) where the students will present their findings from their projects.

New Bloggers to the Turret


We would like to welcome Umma Tamima as a new student blogger to the Turret. Umma is a PhD student in Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics whose research interests include natural hazard and disaster management planning. She also works for the McGill Library as a Graduate Student Facilitator for the MyResearch Graduate Seminar Series . Welcome Umma! We look forward to lots of posts on student life and your research in Civil Engineering at McGill.

Let me also take a moment to introduce myself as another new blogger to the Turret. My name is Tara Mawhinney and I have recently returned from maternity leave to resume my duties as Liaison Librarian for Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at Schulich Library. Glad to be back!

Science meets wizardry


Last April I visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal in Orlando. I have to admit, it was pretty neat. Now, thanks to Google and Warner Brothers Studios in Hertfordshire, everyone is welcome to Diagon Alley on Google Maps. How cool is this for Harry Potter fans?

If you have ever thought about making your own custom maps take some time to explore Google Maps and Google Earth tutorials. That is, after you have spent some time exploring the virtual exhibits in Diagon Alley. Just drag the street view symbol (little person) onto the map and away you go!