Mini-Science 2013: Science, Sex, and Gender

minisciencelogo-300pxI’m always impressed by the the events and lectures sponsored by the Faculty of Science at McGill. Registration just opened for the five-week public lecture series, Mini-Science 2013. Some of the university’s top professors will deliver these talks, all of them, in some way, relating to the theme: science, sex, and gender. These lectures (no science background necessary!) will take place every Thursday evening starting on March 14 and wrapping up on April 11, for a total of five lectures all together. Register soon before it sells out!

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The nature versus nurture debate continues this Friday

The Mossman Endowment presents the following Elizabeth B. McNab Lecture in the History of Science:

Genes, Genomes and the Nature-Nurture Debate
with Evelyn Fox Keller, Professor of History and Science, MIT

Date:            Friday, November 9th, 2012
Time:            6:00 p.m.
Location:      Maxwell-Cohen Moot Court, 3660 Peel
RSVP:           e-mail or call 514-398-4681

Evelyn Fox Keller is concerned with the unreasonable persistence of the Nature/Nurture debate, and she argues that, in good part, that persistence derives from the fundamental uncertainty surrounding the subject of debate. What exactly is the question we are trying to answer?  What do we mean by “nature”?  And what effect does the changing discourse of genes and genomes have on this debate?

Speaker biography:
Evelyn Fox Keller is Professor Emerita of the history of science at MIT. Trained in both theoretical physics and molecular biology (PhD, Harvard, 1963), she has been a leading figure in the history and philosophy of modern genetics, and in the study of gender in science. Her major works include: A Feeling for the Organism (1983); Reflections on Gender and Science (1985); The Century of the Gene (2000); Making Sense of Life (2002); and The Mirage of a Space Between Nature and Nurture (2010). She has received many academic awards in recognition of her work, among them a MacArthur foundation fellowship.

Check our catalogue for the location and availability of Professor Keller’s major works in the McGill Library.

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