Osler’s coat of arms in space

This past summer, the NASA space shuttle Endeavour took its 25th and final voyage to the International Space Station to deploy a device called the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, a cosmic ray particle detector that scientists hope will help make breakthroughs in our understanding of dark matter, anti-matter, and the origin of the universe.

Carried along for the ride into space was a Canadian flag and a ceramic tile featuring William Osler’s coat of arms. This was presented to McGill by American astronaut Andrew Feustel in a ceremony last month.


Osler’s coat of arms. He was knighted in 1911 and chose a beaver and a fleur-de-lis as armorial symbols to represent his Canadian heritage.

Osler space tile 5

Presentation of the tile to the Osler Library, with head librarian Chris Lyons and astronaut Drew Feustel.

Osler space tile 2

Osler head librarian Chris Lyons holding an artifact that has traveled 6.5 million miles in 248 orbits of the Earth.



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