“Maptember” in the UK

The United Kingdom will hold a month of map and GIS related conferences in September:

Society of Cartographers Conference 2013 in Stoke-on-Trent (2nd to 4th Maptember)

Conference on Spatial Information Theory 2013 in Scarborough (2nd to 6th Maptember)

British Cartographic Society Mapping 2013 Symposium in Leicestershire (3rd to 5th Maptember)

Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society 2013 Conference in Glasgow (4th to 6th Maptember)

State of the Map 2013 in Birmingham (6th to 8th Maptember)

European Planetary Science Congress 2013 in London (8th to 13th Maptember)

OpenStreetMap Professional Large User Summit in Birmingham (9th Maptember)

The Second Joint FIG/IAG/ISPRS Symposium on Deformation Monitoring in Nottingham (9th to 11th Maptember)

Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team House Hack Week (9th to 13th Maptember)

QGIS-Dev Meeting in Brighton (12th to 16th Maptember)

Association for Geographic Information (AGI)’s Annual Conference, AGI’s GeoCommunity ’13 in Nottingham (16th to 18th Maptember)

GEOMED 2013 in Sheffield (16th to 18th Maptember)

FOSS4G 2013 in Nottingham (17th to 21st Maptember)

Read more at http://www.maptember.org/

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