April is citizen science month

It is April and spring is in the air in Montreal. While it might be too late for us to collect data on local skating rinks for RinkWatch, there are a multitude of science projects that we can all take part in, from inside or outside of our homes, from wherever we may be. We can help researchers learn more about dogs, or cicadas, microbes, the weather, technologies… and the list goes on. Explore the different options in the project finder from SciStarter.

Here are a few citizen science projects from McGill:

  • DRAW McGill: Transcribe historical weather data from McGill’s Observatory.
  • Phylo: Solve a puzzle and help genetic disease research.
  • Colony B: Identify clusters of bacteria in a fast paced mobile game.

If you want to learn more about citizen science, a great place to start is with this interactive introduction to citizen science tutorial.

Happy April!

April 🙂

First Look @ PRISM

I recently came across PRISM, a magazine published by American Society for Engineering Education. I was very interested by the content.

My favorite section is First Look which reports on recent innovations and “breakthroughs” in the world of industry and research institutions. Each story was written in non-technical language and lends a space to be explored further.

If you haven’t found an appropriate topic for your term paper in one of the science or engineering courses, you may want to read these briefings.