Sustainability Tips

Recently, I have seen several Law students pondering for a while in front of the McGill recycling/ garbage bins trying to figure out where to put their empty coffee cups. These are few simple tips that should help to solve this problem:

  • The McGill recycling system has three waste streams, which may differ from the way many of us are used to recycling at home. The three streams need to be properly used in order to keep recycling out of the landfill
  • Three partitions of the recycling/ garbage bins that correspond to three streams are left to right:
    • Plastic/ metal/ glass (green stream)
    • Trash/ landfill
    • Paper/cardboard (blue stream)
  • Emptied and, if possible, but NOT necessary, rinsed milk cartons, PAPER COFFEE CUPS, and juice cartons go into the plastic/ metal/ glass partition

About food, table manners, and libraries

Seeing that a considerable amount of space was dedicated to the discussion of food matters in the last Quid Novi, I would like to add my little share to this conversation.

NO food is allowed in the Law Library. By saying NO food in the Law Library, I do indeed mean NO food. You can bring water and other beverages in sealed containers, but we do not allow any kind of food in the Library because food smells, and leftovers can attract insects or rodents, and we would not like to have mice and cockroaches here. So, please, please, when you bake your lovely carrés or muffins using the recipe from the last Food for Thought section, find another place to eat them. On n’est pas permis de  ‘grignoter’ quoi que ce soit à la bibliothèque 🙂

I enjoyed reading “The Law students guide to business lunch etiquette” by Mary Angela Rowe. Personally, I am convinced that it is about the time to remind to everybody about the table manners that have been almost destroyed by the invasion of fast-food, plastic-plate, hastily-eaten meals. To somebody who is interested in the topic I can suggest searching our Classic Catalogue – Advanced Search – Keywords in subject – table etiquette. The McGill Library has an interesting selection of books on this topic ranging from “The rituals of dinner: the origins, evolution, eccentricities, and meaning of table manners” to “Galateo; or, A treatise on politeness and delicacy of manners… With the whole art of carving; illustrated with a variety of cuts”.

New Piece of Art in the Law Library

When you will be back from your vacation, take a look at the Peel-street-side corner of the ground floor. By that time, we will have a new picture hanging there. It is a work of Robert Natkin, abstract painter whose art is associated with abstract expressionism, color field painting, and lyrical abstraction. To know more about this artist you can read his obituary published in the New York Times.

HVAC system is being cleaned

Please be advised that Law Library’s HVAC system is being cleaned at the moment. Workers are moving from the top floors of the building to the ground level, cleaning one floor at the time. It is long-needed maintenance that can be noisy, so if you are looking for a quiet place to study, at present, upper floors can be a good choice.