Exhibit in Honour of Professor Rod Macdonald

As of this week, we have a new book exhibition in the Law Library. This display is themed to the symposium The Unbounded Level of the Mind: Rod Macdonald’s Legal Imagination that takes place at the Faculty of Law on 7-8 February 2014. The exhibit features a selection of the texts by Rod Macdonald, written during his career. To mirror the symposium, the exhibit showcases most of the texts that will be discussed over its course and is organized around six symposium’s themes: Kaleidoscopic Federalism, Producing Fairness, Pluralizing the Subject, The Priority of Distributive Justice, Contextualizing Governance, and Pursuing Virtue.

All the texts featured at the exhibit are available in the electronic format at the symposium’s webpage:  http://www.mcgill.ca/macdonald-symposium/texts

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