Raspberry Pi’s and Arduinos come to Schulich

Launch of Raspberry Pi and Arduino lending program at Schulich - 21 Sept 2015We had a lot of fun this morning at Schulich launching our new Raspberry Pi and Arduino lending programme! These devices are two types of credit-card sized computer which are developing a rapidly growing following due to the ways they can be incorporated into a wide range of projects.

IMG_2108Schulich will start lending these items out later this week, for a loan period of two weeks, and will be monitoring the service over the next few weeks – the kits will be available on a first-come, first-served basis like all other library materials.  We’ll also be lending out a robotics unit and a wearable computing device.  Please come to the Schulich loans desk if you’d like to borrow a kit.

We’d love to hear about the creative ways these are used by the McGill community!  If you take out a kit, please spare us two minutes to give us your feedback using this form, and consider sending pictures of your project.

An alternative hive of activity at the Schulich Library

IMG_9328Most visitors to the Schulich Library are probably unaware that there are two thriving beehives on the roof of our building, maintained by the Urban Beekeeping Collective at Santropol Roulant of which I am a member.

IMG_9325Santropol Roulant is a local charity whose aim is to “…use food as a vehicle to break social and economic isolation between generations and cultures”. The Beekeeping Collective works towards this goal by promoting and fostering urban beekeeping, and by educating Montrealers about the importance of pollinators to the source of our food.

Collective members make regular visits to the hives to check on their health (these pictures are from last Sunday’s visit) – as well as to prevent uncontrolled swarming!  The good news is that both hives are doing very well and we’re quietly hopeful for a bumper crop of urban honey as Summer progresses.