New books on private actors in war conflicts

Two newly acquired publications focus on two different aspects of the involvement of private actors in war conflicts:

  • Mercenaries and law / M.P.W. Brouwers. Mercenary activities have been a historically constant phenomenon, which descents from the ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. This book provides a short introduction to the issue and includes all relevant international legal instruments that have been drafted on the topic.
  • Privatizing war : private military and security companies under public international law / Lindsey Cameron and Vincent Chetail. A growing number of states use private military and security companies (PMSCs) for a variety of tasks, which were traditionally fulfilled by soldiers. This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the law that applies to PMSCs active in situations of armed conflict, focusing on international humanitarian law. It examines the limits in international law on how states may use private actors, taking the debate beyond the question of whether PMSCs are mercenaries.

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